Germany Scholarship: We’re taking aspect.

The «Germany Scholarship» rewards talented students from all nations and all parts of society.

To this end, the Germany Scholarship 1st recognizes successes (achievements) in college, research and / or work. The other achievements of young people today to date are also regarded as added characteristics inside the choice process. The joint funding from the federal government and private funding agencies ought to encourage them to study and maintain their backs free to achieve their study targets.

The text of the Scholarship Act (StipG) plus the text of the associated ordinance (StipV) may also be downloaded as a «pdf document» utilizing the links beneath:

What will be the objectives?

Using the Deutschlandstipendium, the federal government supports talented and capable students; it wants capstone project ideas for information technology to reward outstanding achievements and initiate a brand new culture of scholarships in Germany. In particular, former university graduates, home business enterprises or foundations has to be encouraged to help talented students with their contribution.

Who’s funded?

The Deutschlandstipendium supports students of all nationalities at German universities whose earlier profession suggests outstanding academic achievements. In addition to particular successes at college and / or university, the funding criteria also include social commitment, for example in associations or in university politics, in church or political organizations at the same time as commitment in the social environment, inside the family members or within a social institution. Overcoming distinct biographical hurdles that result from family or cultural origins can also be taken into account.

The Deutschlandstipendium supports high-performing and committed students from all over the world financially and immaterially. According to the principle of «public-private partnership», suppliers, foundations or private capstoneproject net individuals support young talent using a monthly volume of 150 euros. The federal government is rising this amount by a additional 150 euros. But there’s additional: lots of universities and private sponsors also help the holders on the Germany Scholarship with accompanying mentoring programs, networking events and internships.

PhD students cannot be funded.

Common data.

Application suggestions.

Grade needs.

In 2019, a total of 38 (like 23 new) scholarship holders were selected at the university. During the ceremonial handover of the certificate on December 4th, the satisfied students along with the private sponsors participating inside the Germany Scholarship also got to understand each other personally.

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