In the second game of the group, the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and Ulm (8.30 p.m. / MagentaSport) meet.

In the second game of the group, the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and Ulm (8.30 p.m. / MagentaSport) meet.

He is also the main sponsor of FC Bayern Munich and also supports basketball, sailing, disabled sports and NADA. «(Photo: picture-alliance / dpa) Those who stream audio books from the Internet can hope for more variety. The two giants Apple and Amazon are pulling Under pressure from the Federal Cartel Office, a clause that barred other providers. Apple and Amazon ended their exclusive cooperation on audio books at the pressure of cartel guards. At the beginning of the year, the two companies gave up controversial clauses according to which Apple’s iTunes store worldwide exclusively audio books from Amazon – Subsidiary purchases Audible and in return Audible does not supply any other digital music platforms, the Federal Cartel Office announced.

This enables a «greater variety of offers and lower prices» for consumers. The Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission had examined the long-term agreement between Apple and the Amazon subsidiary in response to a complaint from the German Book Trade Association. The Bonn cartel watchdogs have been investigating the two companies’ cooperation since November 2015 and collaborated with the EU Commission on their investigations. Audible and Apple’s iTunes store are among the world’s largest companies supplying consumers with downloadable audio books. As a result of the exclusive agreement, there were «hardly any alternative sales opportunities besides Audible» for audiobook publishers for digital audiobooks, explained the cartel office. Audible can now also make audio books available to other digital platforms; Publishers, in turn, could conclude contracts directly with Apple, explained the EU Commission. Source:, vpe / dpa / AFP / DJ «» The German book industry is once again in a clinch with the US group Amazon.

The German Book Trade Association has filed a complaint against the Amazon subsidiary Audible with the Federal Cartel Office. A spokeswoman for the Börsenverein confirmed a corresponding report by «Spiegel». According to the Börsenverein, the online retailer Amazon’s Audible download platform is abusing its market power. They force the existence-threatening conditions on the often small German audio book publishers. (dpa) Source: «The agony of choice: around 70,000 new publications are released every year in Germany. (As of 2018) (Photo: picture alliance / Jens Kalaene /) For years it has been said that the printed book is doomed to die. But now the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels reports that more people are picking up books again. Hopeful signals for booksellers, publishers and authors: for the first time since 2012, the number of book buyers in Germany has increased again – by 300,000 people compared to the previous year Have bought at least one book in the year.biology essay writing services online

That was a small sensation, said Alexander Skipis, managing director of the German book trade association, at the presentation of the economic figures in Frankfurt. «That encourages us to speak of a turning point.» He wanted to hold back with the term trend reversal – «but we assume that we can achieve something with the measures that we still want to take.» Alexander Skipis, General Manager of the Börsenverein, is pleased about the increasing numbers. (Photo : imago / Patrick Scheiber) «Back to the readers» was the hopeful motto of the event, after a year ago the study «Quo Vadis, readers» (Where are you going?) addressed reading migration and shook up the industry. «We have understood what the social change has brought about and how we have to adapt to it,» said Skipis. Because many of the people who were interviewed for the study at the time had not generally lost their interest in reading and only relied on other media. But many lacked orientation on the book market. Publishers and bookstores have therefore expanded their proximity to customers, said Skipis. Whether social media campaigns or creative event formats in the bookstores – the industry tried out new ways of accessing readers. It doesn’t have to be yoga in the bookstore, says Skipis.

But the bookstores were more concerned with what they could do for customers. Apparently successful: while 29.6 million people bought at least one book in 2017, it was 29.9 million last year. «The embers have apparently started to blaze again,» said Skipis. There is still a lot to do here – in 2012 the number of book buyers was still 36.9 million. But what is particularly in demand with buyers or readers? «Besides children’s and young people’s books, fiction is the most important product group,» said Börsenverein head Heinrich Riethmüller.

Although the fiction sales share of 31.5 percent was down by 0.9 percent. But the share of children’s and young people’s books in sales in the industry rose by 3.2 percent to 16.6 percent. «This is an investment in the reader,» said Riethmüller, particularly pleased with the increase in the number of young readers. Incidentally, this also applied to the age groups in which most of the buyers had been lost in recent years. Among the 20 to 29 year olds, the number of buyers rose by 15.2 percent, among the 30 to 39 year olds by 15.8 percent. Last year’s winners included the non-fiction book in particular: with an increase of 5.5 percent, it recorded the highest increase in sales in 2018 and accounted for 10.6 percent of total sales. In this area, Skipis also saw opportunities and tasks for the book industry: it is important to promote freedom of expression and a culture of debate, for example with the help of non-fiction readings and discussions.

In addition, the Börsenverein will be awarding the German Non-Fiction Prize for the first time in the coming year, and e-books also score highly with readers. «The e-book has found its market», emphasized Matthias Heinrich, the treasurer of the Börsenverein. E-books now have a share of five percent of sales – a jump of 9.3 percent compared to 2017. What is striking is: «If the customer is convinced of the e-book medium, he will also be happy to buy more.» Last year that was an average of 9.2 e-books, a year earlier it was 8.3 e-books. Source:, joh / dpa «News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from on the subject of the German Book Trade Association of German Booksellers E-books, which essentially correspond to a printed book, are price-bound according to the German Book Trade Association of the German Exchange. E-books, which essentially correspond to a printed book, are price-bound according to the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels. «Hoeneß was allowed to attend the game in the hall, but left it angry and disappointed. (Photo: imago images / BBL-Photo) The defending champion is out: Bayern Munich’s basketball players have to watch the semi-finals at the «home tournament», which annoys honorary president Uli Hoeneß.

But after a disappointing season, the club quickly put an end to the coaching discussion, and Uli Hoeneß just wanted to leave. The anger of the honorary president about the disappointing and abrupt end of the season for Bayern Munich’s basketball players was too big. Instead of cheering for the next title as with the footballers, the 68-year-old experienced the unexpectedly early knockout. of the defending champion at the «final tournament dahoam» in the Munich Audi Dome. Already in the play-off quarter-finals it was the end of the line for the team of head coach Oliver Kostic, clearly too little for the demands of the champions of 2018 and 2019. «It’s one special situation that we couldn’t cope with well enough, «said managing director Marko Pesic after the mediocre performance of the top favorite at the BBL ghost tournament. Hoeneß scolded «Sport Bild»: «I’ve had enough for today!» Captain Danilo Barthel was also dejected. «In the last few years we have been spoiled by the title wins.

We will work on what we have to improve, «said the international, whose contract is expiring in Munich. Pesic announced talks with Barthel, who checked out with his teammates from the quarantine hotel on Friday evening. The tournament was» a special experience for Barthel many emotions «were positive as well as negative».

The hosts rarely found their game on the plate in the empty hall, in the group stage the best team in the regular season (19 wins in 21 matches) had to admit defeat twice. In the quarter-finals against the secret favorites MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, Bayern showed impressive first halves, but then lost focus again. «It’s sport. If you don’t take your chances, you lose,» said Kostic after the 74:73 in the dramatic second leg, but not enough due to the 83:87 in the first leg. Bayern ended a turbulent season with no sense of achievement, nationally as internationally, the goals were clearly missed. In the EuroLeague, Hoeneß had dreamed of reaching the play-offs, after just eight wins in 28 games, the Munich team found themselves in 17th place.

In addition there was the early knockout in the round of 16 in the cup. At the beginning of the year, ex-trainer Dejan Radonjic was replaced by his assistant Kostic, and the future of the 47-year-old Serb now seems unclear. Pesic did not want to have a coaching discussion so soon after leaving. «That would be disrespectful,» he said. Due to the special circumstances, Pesic could not blame the team or the coaching team.

Does Kostic himself believe in continued employment with Bayern? «First we go to the hotel, then home to our families. Then we go to sleep and tomorrow is a new day,» he said at MagentaSport. Source:, David Ryborz, sid «Too high a hurdle: Vladimir Lucic ( right) and Leon Radosevic (left) from Bayern Munich skip Marvin Ogunsipe from Crailsheim. (Photo: imago images / BBL-Foto) FC Bayern Munich has the chance to advance in the domestic final tournament of the basketball Bundesliga after a surprising break in the opening game After the Corona break, the German champions defeated Hakro Merlins Crailsheim dominantly and clearly in the second game. Defending champion Bayern Munich reported impressively back at the final tournament of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) in the Audi Dome at home after the surprising opening defeat. Group A left Bayern in front of honorary president Uli Hoeneß the Hakro Merlins Crailsheim at 110: 79 (51:35) no chance.

At the start on Saturday, coach Oliver Kostic’s team unexpectedly had to admit defeat by ratiopharm Ulm. Against the Merlins, who had also lost their opening game against BG Göttingen, the Munich team was looking for amends from the start. In the first quarter, the reigning champions had a 15-point lead.

Then Crailsheim, who was third in the main round, caught a little, the mortgage of the arrears was too big. «Today we fought very hard, the team recovered», analyzed Hoeneß already at half time at MagentaSport. In the first game you «clearly noticed that the team had no rhythm, maybe they didn’t fight back enough,» said Hoeneß. The 68-year-old also watched the second half with satisfaction, in which his Bayern broke even further. Crailsheim’s Sebastian Herrera, who was top scorer of the game with 27 points, could not do anything about it. Mathias Lessort scored the most points at Bayern (20).

In the second game of the group, the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and Ulm (8.30 p.m. / MagentaSport) meet. Source:, dbe / sid «» Anyone who likes audio books can hardly ignore Apple and Audible in Germany (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The German Book Trade Association’s complaint against Apple and Audible has been successful: the Federal Cartel Office has determined . It is about the position of providers on the audio book market and their «unreasonable conditions» for publishers. The Federal Cartel Office has started investigations against Apple and the Amazon subsidiary Audible due to an agreement on the purchase of digital audio books.

The agreement on the delivery of digital audio books from Audible production to Apple’s sales platform iTunes Store is being examined, said the Cartel Office President Andreas Mundt in Bonn. The companies in Germany have a «strong position» in the offer of digital audio books and it must be ensured that the publishers had sufficient alternatives. The review procedure was initiated after a complaint by the German Book Trade Association, which accused Audible of «unreasonable conditions» to impose. The Börsenverein therefore welcomes the investigation. The publishers need an «adequate way to sell their audio books independently of Audible,» explained managing director Alexander Skipis. However, this is «not possible in the current constellation», as a result of which the publishers, dealers, customers and also the diversity and quality of the German book market suffer. In September, the Börsenverein declared that publishers should convert Audible into a flat rate by terminating existing license agreements -Model that would generate significantly lower sales would be pushed. «The business model of Amazon and Audible aims to destroy the excellent book trade structures in Germany.» At the same time as the complaint to the Federal Cartel Office, the Börsenverein also filed a complaint with the EU Commission in Brussels in order to be formally involved in an ongoing procedure by the competition authorities. Audible is a leading provider of audio books in Germany and primarily offers downloads.

The Amazon subsidiary is also one of the largest producers of audio books in Germany. According to the Börsenverein, more than 90 percent of all audio book downloads in Germany are made via the online platforms of Amazon and Audible, as well as Apple’s iTunes store, whose exclusive supplier is Audible. Source:, kbe / AFP «Better to rummage in the store than Order online: The classic bookstore generated a slight plus in 2013. (Photo: dpa) If you think the good old bookstore is out, you are mistaken: the traditional bookstore is reporting a plus again after a long dry spell.

This is not only due to the individual advice in the store: the traditional book trade in Germany performed better in terms of sales for the first time than the online market last year. After the recent rapid growth rates on the Internet, revenues fell by 0.5 percent to 1.56 billion euros in 2013. After a long dry spell, brick-and-mortar retailers again achieved an increase of 0.9 percent and came to 4.64 billion euros. Overall, the sector recorded book sales of 9.54 billion euros after two years of decline, a minimal increase of 0.2 percent, like that Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels in Frankfurt reports.